Armor Gold Instrument Cable

Armor Gold Instrument Cable

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Premium instrument cables for guitar, bass, or keys.  Handmade in the USA.

No B.S. hype here, just proven components and solid design.  Polymer outer mesh, Amphenol plugs, double layer heat shrink... the ultimate in durability.  Plus our cables are quiet, flexible, affordable, and they sound great.

We use medium-low capacitance wire for great tone.  Yes, different cables do sound different... super-low capacitance (below 30 pf) can sound too trebly and harsh, while higher capacitance (over 40 pf) cables can sound dull and lifeless.  We hit the sweet spot at 33 pf for that elusive combination of warmth with clarity!

You bet your ass this cable feels and looks cool as hell!  But we actually chose the gold color for a reason... visibility.  At close range it's slightly reflective, so your drummer and drunk friends won't accidently trip over it.  But from a distance it has a subtle appearance, so it doesn't look distracting on stage.

So lose that mess of unreliable cheap cables before they let you down (like right in the middle of that big solo).  It's time to roll with the Gold!


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