Sommer SC-Spirit (3M-Neutrick Straight/Angled)

Sommer SC-Spirit (3M-Neutrick Straight/Angled)

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Like a lasso...

well, guitar players use to throw their cables around. So here’s why just this cable has to be particularly tread-resistant and must have a sophisticated construction.

Musicians spend a lot of money on low-budget cables in the first place until they finally realise unnerved that the cheapo cable they just bought can barely serve as an average shortwave receiver or even makes the whole sound image of their expensive instrument wilt. We have backed away from cheap products and offer a top-grade cable at a fair price.
The SC-Spirit has a thick insulation between wire and shiedling. This improves the capacitive values and ensures a loss-free treble reproduction even with longer cables. To avoid crackling and hum interference we use a special conductive carbon screen and a copper mesh screen. When soldering make sure that the carbon shield and the inner conductor do not touch. Your audience will be surprised at the sound of this cable!


Incredibly punchy and clear sound with bass, guitar and keyboard due to our
special litz stranding and a wire cross-section of 0,50 mm²
Dual shielding by a combination of a copper mesh screen plus conductive
carbon screen
Low-loss transmission due to low capacitance
Very flexible and easy to reel because of its fine single litz design
Extremely durable and sturdy due to a special high-quality PVC jacket compound
Strain relief and good sleeve support due to thick PVC jacket

High-quality guitar cable for studio and stage
Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing desks etc.
Connection lead for CD/DVD player/recorder
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