Sommer SC-Classique (3M-Neutrick Straight/Angled)

Sommer SC-Classique (3M-Neutrick Straight/Angled)

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Collectors of old guitar equipment who can‘t part with anything. Finally there is the right cable out now for these oldtimer freaks: At least the SC-Classique looks old, but its technology is new and fresh. The core is made up of an inside wire with a diameter of 0,50 mm² It consists of 28 individual fine copper litz wires to ensure untainted musical pleasure with lengths of 20 m which detail-dainty musicians often consider a problem. The cable is rounded off by a thick insulation of foamed and lacquered PE and a dense, tinned copper mesh screen.
Of course, an eye-catcher is the extra textile cover which gives the SC-Classique the necessary vintage styling. And it also sounds like a cable from the sixties:
The SC-Classique convinces with a lot of warmth, a rich sound and crystal-clear highs.


Warm and fat “sixties” sound
Robust vintage style textile jacket
Very low capacitance and dual shielding (Cu mesh screen + semiconductor)
Easy to reel

High-end guitar and instrument cable with vintage sound and styling
Unbalanced cable for stage and studio
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