Artec Giovanni Classic 59 GVH59 Zebra

Artec Giovanni Classic 59 GVH59 Zebra

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The GVH 59 is true vintage humbucker sound with smooth, bite and brilliance in voiced magic midrange sound. Our specified magnet method brings original vintage tonal implication. It brings definition with distinct midrange sound. We also applied perfect matched poles in the butyrate bobbins in pickup structure. For strong structural integrity, we use selected quality materials. We use American Wire Standard Gauge with detail coating options. Together with A.V.T, you will hear complete and articulated true vintage humbucker pickup sound.

AlNiCo 5 Magnet, Enamel Coated Wire

GVH-59 Neck : DCR 7.4 kohm
GVH-59 Bridge : DCR 8.4 kohm

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