Righton B-SANDOKAN Woody

Righton B-SANDOKAN Woody

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The B-Sandokan has a surface reminiscent western engravings, is a strap for adventure. This strap reminds the strength and persistence over time, and get it because is made it with high quality materials.

This strap is 8cm wide. And has a long range between 98-153cm with the exclusive RAS (Righton Adjustment System) to adjust the strap to the desired lenght on the most accurate way.

The surface of the B-Sandokan strap is made of fabric, and the end tabs are synthetic. Vegan strap

The Sandokan is made of synthetic materials and high tech fabrics with respect to the environment. The materials have been tested, so we can ensure the durability of them.

It also has a microfiber lining that doesn't slip and swet-wicking. This strap is padded with 5mm latex which makes it very comfortable and lightweight.
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