Our service offerings

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1. Guitars/Bass/Chinese instruments/Drums/Amps/Ukulele inhouse servicing

We provide a wide range of servicing and repairs for guitars, drums, basses, Chinese orchestra instruments. Over the 10 years of repair services, we have serviced more than 3000 instruments. We have 3 servicing staff who are well versed to handle different form of repairs such as Acoustic Guitar setup, Drums maintenance, Bass Setup, Amplifier servicing, Electric Guitar Setup, Acoustic Pickup Install, Electric Pickup Install, Guitar Electronics, physical adjustments, electronics wiring and handyman jobs such as drilling and humbucker routing etc.


2. Corporate Musical Instruments procurement and servicing

We have an extensive reference list of our corporate and institution customerrs built over the years. Check this out!

3. Onsite Servicing

For onsite servicing, please fill up this form

4. TyMusic Premium Services (TYPS)

TYPS is the highest level of comprehensive service that we provide to refurbish guitars and basses to their optimum playability.

It differs from the targeted servicing that we do for standard services. In TYPS, we assess the instruments in totality.

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4. Equipment rental

Whatsapp us at 93938281 for rental enquiries


Our Tech

Augustine - Bachelor of Electronics Engineering 2nd Upp Honours, specialise in Electronics, guitar assembly, drums repair, refret and wood works

Koh GH - Bachelor of Electronics and Electrical Engineering 1st Class Honours, cable specialist, drums repair, specialise in custom jobs, electronics wiring, setup, acoustic pickups

CK - Bachelor of Electronics Engineering 2nd Upp Honours, specialise in electric and acoustic guitar and bass setup, drums repair


Some jobs can be done within the day. If you need an express service, book an appointment with us at 6883 1550 or whatsapp 93938281

Our Customers

Our customers range from beginners to professional renowned musicians in the industry, including schools and instituitions .

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Talk to us today if you have a repair that needs to be done and our friendly staff will kindly assist you. Cheers!




Guitar/Bass Wash


1. What is it?


This is a service to clean up your old guitar or bass to a fine detail  


2. What does it include?


- replacement of rusty sctews (pickguard, pickups etc) wherever possible


- cleaning and buffing of guitar body


- super fine steelwool polishing of frets and metal parts


- oiling of metal parts and rosewood fretboard


- contact cleaning of pots and switches


- restring of new strings


3. What is the service fee?


- $100



Guitar/Bass Wash with bridge parts cleaning


1. What is it?


This is a service to clean up your old guitar or bass to a fine detail. The bridge parts of the guitar/bass will also be cleaned, oiled and reassembled




2. What does it include?




- everything in the basic guitar/bass wash package


- cleaning and oiling of the bridge parts


- standard setup


3. What is the service fee?




- $180

Drums Acoustic Guitar Electric Bass Zhong Ruan Electric Guitar Classical Guitar

Type of Services



Electronics Wiring

Electronics wiring

Nuts and Saddles replacement


Custom Pickguard


Wood routing




Acoustic Pickup install

Acoustic pickup

Bridge and split gluing

Bridge gluing

Custom works

Custom works


Guitar/bass assembly

guitar assembly

Neck Reset (*)

Neck reset

Pedalboard wiring


Custom cables


custom cables

Buffing and polishing





Bigsby install

Bigsby install

Broken guitar repair

guitar reattachment


Piezo Install

Piezo install






Drums repair (Drumhead tuning/replacement,

cymbal polishing, general drum repair)

Drums repair


 Bass preamp install

Bass Preamp

 Sanding and oiling

Sanding of back of guitar and bass neck

 Bridge install


Bridge install

 Amp Repair

amp repair

(*) - Coming soon



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