What we do

What we do

Welcome to TyMusicCenter Pte Ltd. We are incorporated since 2007 and a registered entity in ACRA. We focus on 3 main areas of businesse:

1. Music Equipment Servicing

To date, we have serviced around 5000 musical instruments. These include a wide variety such as Guitars and Basses, Ukulele, Chinese Instruments, Drums, Amplifiers and Effects. Our customers include end users and institutions.

Our institution projects include servicing, equipment procuring and band room setup. Find out more

All our services are serviced by our in-house technicians. Services we provide include:

2. Product development - Kohlman

Kohlman is a local brand for musical accessories and parts which we are proud of. It is a trademark that is registered with IPOS.

Kohlman products are focused on being functional and innovative. To date, we have 3 products and more are upcoming

3. Retail

Our retail business supply a wide range of guitars, basses, percussions and their accessories and parts from renowned brands around the world. Take a tour around our website on the main menu to view our selections.