• Bartolini XXP46C-B

Original Quads provide you with bottomless lows and low-mids along with tonal complexity for excellent bite and growl. They are full and warm for vintage tone, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. They can handle wide string spacing and produce clear, defined tone. The pickup is very much like our Original Soapbars, but it has 4 coils instead of 2.

The coils can be split in 2 different ways – to inline pairs or as P and reverse P which requires special wiring. The 4 coils are packed into the shell and then fully shielded and sealed so they are sweat-proof and immune from invisible noise stage and studio equipment. The cables are shielded too.

Available in balanced versions for neck (Bass, -B) and bridge (Treble, -T).


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Bartolini XXP46C-B

  • Brand: Bartolini
  • Product Code: Bartolini XXP46C-B
  • Availability: In Stock
  • SGD320.00