• GHS Gorgomyte cloth

GHS Gorgomyte cloth

Developed by Jimmy Johnson, the GorgomyteFret and Fingerboard Cleaning and Conditioning Cloth with revitalize your fretboard/fingerboard and neck while shining your frets. You won't believe the difference!


  • Remove the strings from your instrument.
  • Cut the Gorgomyte Polishing Cloth into 2” squares. Use one square for the entire fretboard and frets, storing the remaining squares in the bag for future use. ONE CLOTH SHOULD YIELD APPROX. TWELVE 2” SQUARES.
  • Starting at the first fret, rub the Gorgomyte Polishing Cloth back and forth over the entire fretboard and frets. Work your way toward the bridge end of the neck, turning the cloth as you move up the neck.
  • With a separate soft, clean, dry, 100% cotton cloth (an old clean cotton t-shirt or cotton face cloth works best), buff the conditioned fretboard and frets until the dirt is removed.
  • Restring your guitar and feel how much smoother it plays and how bright the frets are.

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GHS Gorgomyte cloth

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